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NEW TM Custom 500SL Tenor Saxophones
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Tino Schucht SST Philipp Tenor Saxophone Neck
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Tino Schucht SMTH Tenor Sax Model NS
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Tino Schucht SST 6 Tenor Saxophone Neck
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We have a limited number of top-notch horns looking for good homes. Adopt one today!
Vintage Original Selmer Centered Tone Bb Clarinet - SOLD
Serial#: R6732
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Yamaha YSS-875EXGHS Custom Soprano Saxophone
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Ted Klum Tonamax HR Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
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The 42 Tenor Sax mouthpiece
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Latest News, What's Happening, and Hot Deals from Tenor Madness

Tallcorn Jazz Festival

Tenor Madness will have a booth setup at the Tallcorn Jazz Festival this week on Friday, February 20th. Tallcorn is hosted in Russell Hall at the University of Northern Iowa. We will have a selection of horns and mouthpieces well worth checking out if you're at the festival!!!


Tenor Madness Custom artist, Matt Parker, will appear in the movie, John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves and Willem Dafoe. In the flick, Matt is playing his unlacquered TM Custom tenor. The movie is set for release on October 24th of this year. Make plans to check it out!

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Chris Potter Legends Series MPCs Now Available

Check out the new Chris Potter Legends Series tenor mouthpieces. This mouthpiece is spectacular and absolutely as close as you'll get to Chris's personal setup.

Doug Lawrence demos TM Custom tenors and SST necks

It was a blast to have Doug Lawrence in the shop. He was kind enough to take the time to demonstrate the different finishes of the TM Custom tenors along with the Tino Schucht necks and thumbrests. Doug using a vintage hard rubber Berg on all demos. The SST necks are all being played on Doug's personal tenor - a silver plated TM Custom. Demo videos are best viewed at 720 or higher. Check out the videos below! Also check out Doug playing his TM Custom with the Count Basie Band - 2013 Live at the Tokyo Bluenote: www.douglawrencejazz.com


We are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive US dealer for Tino Schucht saxophone products! Tino's necks and thumb hooks (yes, the thumb hook does make a significant difference!) are used and endorsed by some of the finest players in the world including Joe Lovano, Bill Evans, Ernie Watts, Dave Liebman, Bob Sheppard, Charlie Mariano, Drew Pierson, and others. Visit the Schucht Sax Technology website at schuchtsaxtechnology.com for complete product information. What these necks and thumb hooks can do for your saxophone is simply amazing! Give us a call for more details.

TM Custom videos featuring Craig Handy and Drew Pierson

Here are some links to videos of the TM Custom tenors made by Craig Handy and Tenor Madness' own Drew Pierson.

Don Jaques visits Tenor Madness

We were very excited to have Don Jaques in the shop recently! He was kind enough to play through some TM horns (and SST necks) and give us his feedback. Check it out below, along with his demonstration on a late Mark VI sopranino. Many thanks to Don and Paul for their help!

Netherlands Madness

You have to check out this new 'sound bridge' from lefreQue in the Netherlands. The principal is to create a bridge between two joints where the connecting material, i.e. cork, actually inhibits the transference of vibrations from one joint to the next. The actually works even if it is a metal to metal connection because the principal used allows even the slightest gap in the connection to be eliminated. As a result, the tone generator, mouthpiece, reed, etc., has a more direct role in tone production. The results are truly amazing! These purportedly work for all instruments, but since we primarily a woodwind shop specializing in saxophone and clarinet, our research is limited. We would suspect the results would be just as dramatic for other instruments as well. Give us a call for more details, 319-234-3561.

Authorized dealer

Saxophone Brands carried by Tenor Madness Tenor Madness is an authorized Selmer, Yanagisawa, Rampone & Cazzani, and Keilwerth dealer. Bring your instruments to us for professional attention. You can't go wrong here, we will treat you and your horn in a professional manner and we guarantee all of our work.

Call us today at (319)234-3561 to see how we can help you out. Give us a try, you'll be glad you did!