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SOLD - 869 TM Custom Silver Tenor Saxophone

Serial#:869    • Maker:Tenor Madness    • Category:modern


This horn was sold to a very good customer of ours that had to trade it in. He wanted to make the description as it is just an AWESOME horn. "Extreme tendonitis has ended my relationship with this amazing horn far too soon. I visited TM from San Francisco based on multiple personal referrals. I was looking for a backup for my 6. I tried at least a dozen horns - Yamaha, Yani, Ishimori, Keilwerth, Eastman, Forestone, Selmer, Mauriat and multiple vintage pieces - and with the exception of one 5 digit $12k M6, none of them came close to this special, silver horn!! The low end is deep, robust and resonates with lots of overtones. The mid is free blowing (not stuffy) and the upper register just sings (and screams). In short order it moved from my back up to my main axe! It is a brighter horn. But it is not a brittle horn. I played it in big bands, R and B and rock. You cannot push this horn too far. It's special and deserves to find an appreciative player." Click here for high resolution pictures.

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