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61xxx Original Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone

Serial#:61xxx    • Maker:Selmer    • Category:vintage

92% Original Lacquer 1955 Selmer MVI Tenor Sax


This 61xxx is a very pretty player's kind of tenor! Most of the original lacquer remains, though some dings have been removed from the back side of the body tube and the bottom bow. You can see in the pictures where the lacquer was stressed from past dent work, but it is in excellent shape and playing condition right now. The neck shows a slight hint of a prior bend, but it's perfectly round and has the matching serial number. The pads are in good shape and the sound is dark, big, and gutsy. It's a little less nasally than most 5-digit tenors, so it's a very vocal, warm kind of tone quality. Excellent projection, easy to articulate, and extremely fun to play! Comes with the original case as well. For more information, please give us a call in the shop (319)234-3561 or send us an email at simon@tenormadness.com.

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