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New P Mauriat Master 97 Alto Saxophone

     • Maker:P. Mauriat    • Category:modern

New Masters Series Alto Gold Lacquer Finish


In the winter of 2011, the P. Mauriat team began designing a horn that could thrive in the hands of both professional classical musicians and commercial musicians. Three years later their work has created the most innovative P. Mauriat Saxophone yet: the Master Series 97A Alto saxophone. This is the best tuning P. Mauriat we’ve ever had in our hands; typical problem areas like the right hand second octave and palm keys stay much closer to pitch center than all but the most celebrated modern altos. The tone quality is dark and resonant and really sings in the upper octaves. Additional improvements include re-designed ergonomics to ensure maximum comfort when navigating technical passages, premium Pisoni Pro pads (the same that new Selmers use) a new more durable four-point body to bell brace, nylon (plastic) resonators, sterling silver octave pips, mother of pearl touch-pieces and a gorgeous floral engraving pattern . Vice-president of P. Mauriat Craig Denny calls it “…the most groundbreaking instrument we’ve ever made.” In addition to the one-year mechanical warranty, all modern instruments include a complete Tenor Madness set-up to insure that your saxophone will be in optimal playing condition.

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