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174xxx Original Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone

Serial#:174xxx    • Maker:Selmer    • Category:vintage

80% Original Lacquer 1970 Selmer MVI Tenor Sax


Here's a nice "player's" late Mark VI. The sound is moderately bright but very warm. It's dynamic and expressive with a compact sound. About 80% of the original lacquer remains. A minor pulldown has been fixed on the neck and there is some lacquer missing from behind the neck cork. This appears to be a result of cleaning up a previously too-long cork and is NOT from damage or a mic pickup. One of the feet on the alternate F# keyguard has been resoldered and there was a minor repair on the lip of the bell. It has black 'Roo pads and metal resonators and is in fair playing condition. We are selling this "as is" on consigment. For more information, please give us a call (319)234-3561 or send us an email: simon@tenormadness.com.

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