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2xxx Original Vintage Buffet Dynaction Tenor Saxophone

     • Maker:Buffet    • Category:vintage

1950's Buffet Dynaction Tenor Sax - Freshly Rebuilt!


This vintage Buffet tenor has recently been rebuilt with white Kangaroo pads and metal resonators. Approximately 85% of the original lacquer remains and the tenor is in excellent physical condition overall. This tenor is a VERY interesting player. The workload is definitely more free-blowing the sound feels colorful and on the darker end of the spectrum. The projection/core is more diffuse than focused, but with a fair amount of definition between notes and registers. It's also worth noting that this tenor has amazing intonation! The pitch is spot on all the way up into the palm keys without requiring any adjustment from behind the horn. Please be aware that the right hand thumbhook has been replaced. Comes in a black Protec case. For more information, please give us a call at the shop (319)234-3561 or email us at simon@tenormadness.com.

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