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64xxx Original Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone

Serial#:64xxx    • Maker:Selmer    • Category:vintage

97% Original Lacquer MVI Alto Sax with High F#


This MVI alto is in remarkable physical and cosmetic condition. The serial number puts the date of manufacture in the year 1956. The flawless original neck has the matching serial number, and the horn has an original factory high F# key. This is quite rare for an American-engraved MVI. The alto has been overhauled recently with plastic resonators. A single dent was removed from the bottom bow, which is the only physical flaw on the instrument. Sonically, this alto is on the darker side. It is easy to play and free-blowing. The projection is not too focused, and there's a nice bit of punch to the attack. This horn can both whisper and scream; the dynamic range is fantastic!

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