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The 42 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

     • Maker:Tenor Madness    • Category:mouthpieces

Check out the new 42 mouthpiece from Dr. James Bunte


This is the new 42 mouthpiece for alto saxophone, designed as a medium chamber alternative to a meyer. These mouthpieces are designed with modern facings, straighter sidewalls than a meyer and have decently high rollover baffle for improved projection. You will find them to be a little less resistant than a meyer and easier to play in the lower register. They are all play tested and hand finished by Dr. James Bunte of the Oasis Saxophone Quartet. Dr. Bunte believes it is very important to provide progressive students and professionals with a more affordable option when it comes to a quality hand finished mouthpiece. Typically professional level mouthpieces start in the $250 to $350 area. The new 42’s are selling for a very the reasonable cost of $180. This price is a reflection of Dr. Bunte’s philosophy and not the quality of the mouthpiece itself. These pieces are currently only available in the 6 and 7 tip opening.


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