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NEW Tenor Madness Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Exclusive Tenor Madness Mouthpiece - (TMEB II) *IN STOCK*


We are happy to present the newest generation of the Tenor Madness mouthpiece!

5 years ago, Tenor Madness with the help of Dr. James Bunte (CCM) set out to make a modern version of the "Early Babbitt" Otto Link tenor mouthpieces. The original TMEBs were engineered to be brighter and quicker than a true vintage Early Babbitt along with a slimmer beak profile. While we produced some great mouthpieces this way, ultimately they were not consistent enough for our standards.

The only solution was to start from scratch with a new core. We took everything we liked about the original TMEBs, including the slimmer, more comfortable beak, and used that as a launching point to see if we could make something even more special. Crafting and refining the dimensions of the original core was a painstaking process, but well worth it in the end. This new mouthpiece is the culmination of 4-year journey to improve upon the original TMEB mouthpieces.

The new Tenor Madness mouthpieces are made from vulcanized rubber. These are not cut from premade bar stock and there is absolutely no CNC machining involved. Every mouthpiece is finished by hand. In our experience, mouthpieces made from molded and baked hard rubber have a unique character that you donít find in those made from bar stock. Each one comes out of the oven with its own personality.

Our original concept has evolved into a new mouthpiece that has a clean, focused sound and excellent articulation. They are free-blowing with a quick and even response; every bit as fun to play as they are expressive. It was also a must for the mouthpiece to have some power! We wanted to provide players with something that has a clear and centered voice at fff as well as at a sub-tone. There's a definition to the front of the note that creates a sense of excitement and momentum for line-playing. The tonal color varies, though they are generally just on the brighter side of neutral. We are happy to pick one out to suit your preferences.

We are offering these mouthpieces with a 14-day trial period and, for a limited time, no re-stocking fee for domestic sales only. International customers can exchange but are responsible for shipping costs. These are available in 7, 7* and 8. We can also have one custom-faced in a smaller or larger tip for a small additional cost. To order, please give us a call at the shop (319)234-3561 or send us an email at drew@tenormadness.com.


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