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Saxophone Key Modifications

Custom key work for your sax

Tenor Madness has vast experience with custom key work. The charge for key modifications is based on a shop rate of $60.00 per hour plus parts and/or materials.

Example modification

picture of key mod being performed
key mod in progress
finished key mod
finished key mod
The addition of a high F# key is an example of our key modification work. When performing key modifications, it's critical not only to produce the desired modification, but also to produce a cosmetically pleasing result. Here at Tenor Madness, we pride ourselves on making even the most intricate key work look as original as possible.

Sample offerings

(prices include parts & labor)
Standard examples:
  • $600 Add high F# key
  • $600 Add front F key
By quote only:
  • Add arms to keys for adjustment and/or stability
  • Plating
We also offer:
  • A no buff, lacquer finish, similar to the new Selmer Reference 54 (for additional $400)

Request a quote

Simply call us at (319) 234-3561 or send us an email to ask about other key modification pricing.