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Friends and Events


Joshua Redman braves our coldest winter weather (Feb '08). To round out his experience he visited us in July (08) in the heat and humidity. His site is: www.joshuaredman.com

Joshua and Mark

Joshua playing a few horns

Joshua with Aaron

Duncan working recorder while Joshua is playing

Joshua Redman

Joshua and Randy

David Sanchez was in Cedar Falls doing a clinic at UNI and stopped for a few hours over a couple of days. You can check out David's website at: www.davidsanchezmusic.com

David and Randy share stories and laughs

David, Randy, Chris Merz (UNI) and Duncan

Duncan, David and Mark

David trying out some horns

Having fun!

Jacques Schwarz-Bart came to visit us for a few days. We had a blast! Echo definitely bonded with Jacques. We hope to see him again soon. Take some time and look at his site: www.brotherjacques.com

Jacques trying out saxophones.

Jacques with our unofficial shop foreman Echo!

Taking a well deserved break!

We've found the horn!! Celebration is in order!!

Eddie Daniels visited us when he had a concert in Cedar Rapids, Ia. As always, we enjoy our time with him. Eddies site can be found at: www.eddiedanielsclarinet.com

Eddie playing horns!

Eddie and Twin Cities sax icon Rheuben Haugen

Billy Davis (Cedar Rapids saxophonist and teacher), Eddie and Randy

Jay Thomas is a great saxophone and trumpet player in Seattle. We haven't seen him for a few years so it was great to catch up. Check Jay out on You Tube or his website at: www.jaythomasjazz.com

Jay giving Mark a few pointers

Randy and Jay

Yuki Tei is a teacher/performer in the NYC area. He spent the day with us at Tenor Madness. Yuki did something that I had only done once with Brecker. We taped all the serial numbers. www.yukiteimusic.com

To our amazement he picked two 65xxx within 130 serial number of each other. Here he is with his new horns and Randy.

Randy, James and Craig Denny picking out horns at the Selmer factory!

James picking out horns!

James checking out necks for us!

Not another neck!

Craig finally getting a little break!

Chris Potter visited us 4th of July weekend. It was a lot of fun watching his selection process. He's a great player and a fun person to be around. Check out his website at: www.chrispottermusic.com

Mark getting to meet Chris.

Chris going through the process of elimination.

Not another horn!!!

Chris and Randy.... Chris listening to the final four.

Chris and his new horn at the Iowa Jazz festival in Iowa City, Iowa.

Italian saxophonist Emanuele Cisi came a long way to find a saxophone, and he found his "dream horn". You'll have to check out his website at: www.emanuelecisi.com

Randy, Emanuele and Jim posing for the camera.

Emanuele and Jim

Emanuele playing his chosen horn.

Talking mouthpieces!!

Saxophonist Stratton Doyle from the Hamilton Loomis band was at the shop. Stratton had a lot fun, but we hope the rest of the guys had fun even if we only have saxes. Check them out at: www.hamiltonloomis.com

Stratton playing saxophones - check out his site at: www.myspace.com/saxualintercourse

Stratton playing for Jim!

Tom Zappe picking up his M'lady tenor sax!!! You can see more of the engraving on Tom's horn on the website in new horn section.

Tom Zappe playing his new M'Lady tenor

Side view of Tom's M'Lady

Tom getting into it!

Tom and Echo taking a breather.

Tom and Randy on the phone (big surprise).

Frank Catalano visited the shop. We hadn't seen him for a few years, but have kept in contact. Frank is a Yamaha artist and plays with some great players. When you get a chance go check out his latest album Bang!

Frank and Randy

Jerry Malkin (New York area sax player), Randy and Frank Catalano

Our booth at the NASA convention in Athens GA - Mar 2010

We were representing Virtuoso saxes at NASA this year.

And our booth!

Checking out the horns!

Randy talking saxophones!

James Bunte and one his students visiting the booth.

Dave Camwell and James Bunte performed at NASA with the Oasis Quartet whose member include Nathan Nabb and Jim Romain

Rick Van Matre of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music was here as well performing in New Third Stream Quartet with James Bunte, Peter Sommer and Jim Romain

We finally were to finally meet Rob and John face to face. Up till now they were just voices we recognized. Now we have faces to go with the voices.