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FAQ's about our saxophone repair services

  1. How long will my horn be in the shop for a custom setup?
    • We should have your horn no longer than 10 days.
  2. How long will my horn be in the shop for a complete mechanical restoration?
    • We understand that it's difficult for you as a player to part with your axe for long periods of time. We do our best to stay organized so that your horn is in the shop when it needs to be and doesn't just sit around waiting in line. We should be able to have your horn in and out in 10 days if there is no plating work or custom engraving work to be done. If plating or engraving work is requested, we're at the mercy of the plating facility and the engraver, so be prepared to part with your horn for up to 30 days or possibly more.
  3. I have a vintage saxophone that is missing a key or two. Can you make a replacement key?
    • Sure!! We can do any kind of custom key work. Whether it's starting from scratch making a key or modifying an existing key. Tell us what you want and we'll do it.
  4. What do you prefer to use as an adhesive to hold the pads in when doing a pad job?
    • We always prefer to use shellac for pad work. We feel that the acoustic response of the instrument is better when the pads are set in with shellac. We float the pad in a pool of hot shellac and hand seat each pad for a perfect seal.
  5. What kind of springs do you prefer?
    • We prefer to use blue needle springs from Paris for most of our repair work. However, in some instances, for example if you're working a cruise ship gig or if you live on the coast where you're exposed to a lot of salt air, we would suggest using a high grade stainless steel spring.
  6. Can you do custom engraving work or recut a buffed out relacq?
    • We have a very good relationship with several of the country's best instrument engravers. We would be happy to accept engraving work as part of any project. However, since we don't do the work in house, it may add to the time that your horn is in the shop.
  7. Can I set up an appointment to come by and visit the shop?
    • We would love to have you drop by but we need about 30 days notice. Drop us an email and lets us know when you'd like to stop in and we'll mark our calendar.