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Mouthpiece Refacing and Repair

Professional Mouthpiece Work

Tenor Madness proudly works with Jimmy Jensen for all of our mouthpiece services! To us, "reface" means completely balancing the mouthpiece to play at its peak. This includes ensuring the table is "stable" and level, the rails are even and symmetrical, the tip rail is shaped to match a reed and then made symmetrical on the inside, and baffle shaped to optimize response and sound. This includes tip changes within .05" up or down. Keep in mind that every mouthpiece is individual and exact details of the reface will be thoroughly discussed with each customer to make sure we get it right for you!

Standard refacing prices

Quote Only*
   Hard rubber, plastic, resin, etc.
   Soft metal such as brass, silverite, etc.
   Hard metals such as stainless steel, nickel, etc.
   Additional tip changes beyond .05 will generally incur an extra charge of $50.
    An exact quote will be provided upon receipt of the mouthpiece.


  1. Broken tips/bent tips will require a full reface plus an additional repair charge, generally $50, but an exact price is done by quote only. This includes rebuilding chips/breaks in hard rubber mouthpieces, and reshaping tips on brass pieces, etc.
  2. Bite plate fills start at $25, but an exact quote will be made upon receipt.
  3. Full bite plate replacements start at $50, but an exact quote will be made upon receipt.
  4. Shank repairs will require a quote- this includes straightening bent shanks on metal mouthpieces, banding cracked shanks on hard rubber/resin pieces, rebuilding the full shank, etc. Our hourly rate for this type of repair is $60/hour.
  5. Clarinet mouthpiece recorking is $10


We want you to be completely satisfied with your service. On a reface, Jimmy offers one free adjustment to ensure we get it dialed in completely to your liking. If you get the piece but say "I wish it was just a little bit darker in the palm keys", just call Jimmy and he will walk you through potential cures for this problem! If a reface adjustment is in order, mail us the piece and then pay for return shipping back to you, but the rest is on us.

On a tip rebuild, bite plate fill, or other similar service, we will walk you through how to take care that this never becomes an issue again; if it does, we want to know. Sometimes certain materials don't adhere well to each other, and if this is the case, we will take care of it for you.

Your mouthpiece is one of the most sensitive pieces of gear you own, and we want to make sure the mouthpiece isn't playing YOU!


To have Jimmy Jensen do a professional mouthpiece reface or repair, contact him at jimmyjensen@tenormadness.com or call 319-234-3561. If you have any questions or would like more information, we encourage you to contact Jimmy. He is always glad to discuss any question you might have regarding your mouthpiece!